A Bohemian Bedroom in Cambridge: Phase 2

I am still in the process of working on my the Bohemian Bedroom in Cambridge & we have made some decisions!

To see the before start here.

We have settled on this look. I guess really it is sort of eclectic too, but really, what isn’t these days?

a bohemian inspired bedroom : one delightful home : www.onedelightfulcreative.com

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A Bohemian (eclectic?!) Bedroom Links to shop!

This could be lovely in a living room as well.

Weekend Links

It’s Friday!

If you missed it - we are moving to Virginia. It is a bittersweet time. I posted a little about it here.

We also went on a mini vacation to Stowe, VT. If you are near the Northeast, you might also love this adorable boutique hotel line like we have.

my fun glasses are  zennis  + i love them!

my fun glasses are zennis + i love them!

I have really enjoyed the Jade Roller for awhile now. If you haven’t heard of it. This is what is says it does…

  • claims:

    • Stimulate collagen production

    • Plump fine lines and reduce cell turnover time

    • Help close and minimize enlarged pores

    • Provide relief from tension headaches when rolled over temples

    • Tighten and firm the skin by boosting elastin

    • Minimize spots around chin and jawline caused by toxin build up

  • my review. I love the feeling of it on my face. It is soothing and relaxing. I can’t say 100% if it has done anything - but I know I love it as a daily ritual and its worth a shot!

I am also enjoying the tongue cleaner…did I just say that? This is suggested to help with bad breath and detox as well. I have heard copper is the way to go. I have been using this for a few weeks and love it!

I tried on one these sweashirts last week and am obsessed. So comfy for the spring transition that will eventually come.

I love this pillow for a bed or a couch. And this wallet-friendly version too!

Speaking of spring and summer, I really want to try one of these cute suits this summer! Has anyone tried this brand before?

happy weekend!

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This + that / Weekly round up


Just me? Does anyone else find themselves drawn to pretty storage things?

I just realized these baskets fit super nicely into this ikea storage unit (kallax).

These were my favorite shorts last summer & they released them this year too. Just add cute shoes like these & a lightweight jacket like this.

This podcast is all up + totally bingable! (so is this one…if you are looking for true crime podcast suggestions….I’m your girl)

You might love this hard to kill indoor plant.

I am still eyeing these, but my husband is not convinced that I need one.

I’m almost done with this book + it’s been riveting!

We are talking about friendship in adulthood on our podcast this week. And this print in free in our content library. If you think friendship is hard in adulthood - you are not alone.

A Bohemian Bedroom in Cambridge : Part I

My good college friend is having me help her with her bedroom in Cambridge, MA.

I have pulled together a few mood boards to start the process. We are trying to decide on the rug first & then we will add more. After looking at her pinterest inspiration boards…she really likes light, airy, bohemian room. The space has high ceilings & beautiful oak floors so I think any of these would look awesome in her space.


cambridge apartment bedroom

Which is your favorite?

Links are below for some of the items if you are looking! If you would like help with a space in your house, email me at onedelightfulshop @ gmail.com


Courage, Dear Heart: How do we build a life around our priorities?.


Our podcast has become a kind of free counseling for us. We are processing life as mid-thirty-something people that want to live to the full and not settle for life just happening to us. It sounds so cliche…but if we don’t stop and consider what we really want from our life - sometimes life just starts to happen, leaving you to find yourself someday as a person you never intended to become doing something you never intended to do for the long term.

This year has been huge for our really trying to zero in on what are priorities are and organizing our lives around them.

How do we build a life around our priorities?

This kind of thinking takes risk & courage. It feels weird to not just maintain the status quo. It feels irresponsible to make life decisions based on what we think our priorities are rather than just getting a job for the sake of getting a job.

In Gary Keller’s book ‘The One Thing’, he writes that figuring out the ONE thing that is most important to get done - the one thing that will do the most to help you achieve what you are heading toward in life or business - is the essential thing to figure out in order to successfully live according to your priorities. My husband and I both really enjoyed this book (but I don’t know that we have mastered this concept yet).

prioritizing your priorities / onedelightfulcreative.com

The Prioritizing your priorities worksheet in our printable library might help you if you are processing the same thing.
We personally, settled on three things in our family life & future that we wanted to serve as filters through which to process what we want to do in our next phase of life and the kind of people we want to become:

  • We want to live simply, but while leaving room for fun. We like minimalism - but want to enjoy life!

  • We want to live in community (we want to do life with friends, family & neighbors - not live in isolation)

  • We want to keep a healthy work/life balance (we want to work - but we want to be able to be together as a family and not let work consume us)

Join the conversation on our podcast this week. And stay tuned to One Delightful Creative where are hope is to offer design services that help you create spaces in your home and life that remind you of what’s most important in life and leave room to enjoy it!

We made the Courage, Dear Heart print line over in the shop as a reminder to take courage and keep moving forward towards living out for what’s most important in life.

We’d love to hear if you have gone through a reflection process or are intentionally living for what matters most to you.

10 awesome target finds

Untitled_Artwork 2.png

one of my spiritual gifts if shopping. so i am highlighting some of my favorite finds this week!

click the image to shop.

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