Updated Foyer: The Rowe House

We have made enough progress on our house that it feels like we can start making some fun additions. It’s not all just getting things to status quo livable, but I’m starting to play around with some design decisions.

Here is our foyer after we removed the fuzzy yellow wallpaper that was kind of fun, but ultimately smelled dingy after hanging on the walls for 60 years. Its not that I didn’t love the wallpaper, but it needed to go.


before / foyer

I had thought of a few options to spice up the entryway….I considered painting a pattern myself on the wall to save money, using wallpaper that I already had from an old project…but ultimately I went with this wallpaper on Amazon.


updated foyer / just add removable wallpaper / onedelightfulcreative.com

Some details.

The walls door is Benjamin Moore Marblehead Gold. I’m really happy with the color and really happy it pays homage to the North Shore of Boston that we miss so much.

The wallpaper is linked here.

And the rug is here!

wallpapered foyer / onedelightfulcreative.com

I’m glad I took this little risk and wallpapered the front foyer….now to decide on the bannister. :)

Laundry room refresh

I knew this little laundry room had so much potential and with it being a small space we could take a risk without spending too much money.

Here is the room before…

Before laundry room

Before laundry room

I love Grace in Magnolia’s laundry room & used it for inspiration. I didn’t choose the same paper - mostly because Target’s is easily accessible & returnable & affordable.

Laundry Room after / one delightful creative

What I learned from wallpapering this small space:

  • You’ll need more than you expect (we went back to target twice!)

  • This particulate pattern is very forgiving. My mom and I obsessed over lining it up just right and the pattern is so crazy it doesn’t seem to give away any flaws.

  • Target’s Devine wallpaper is very affordable as far as wallpaper goes - but you pay for it in frustrations with hanging the heavy duty contact paper substance.


  • wallpaper

  • Shelves are a polyurethane/stain combo in black.

  • Brackets (Home Depot)