Updated Foyer: The Rowe House

We have made enough progress on our house that it feels like we can start making some fun additions. It’s not all just getting things to status quo livable, but I’m starting to play around with some design decisions.

Here is our foyer after we removed the fuzzy yellow wallpaper that was kind of fun, but ultimately smelled dingy after hanging on the walls for 60 years. Its not that I didn’t love the wallpaper, but it needed to go.


before / foyer

I had thought of a few options to spice up the entryway….I considered painting a pattern myself on the wall to save money, using wallpaper that I already had from an old project…but ultimately I went with this wallpaper on Amazon.


updated foyer / just add removable wallpaper / onedelightfulcreative.com

Some details.

The walls door is Benjamin Moore Marblehead Gold. I’m really happy with the color and really happy it pays homage to the North Shore of Boston that we miss so much.

The wallpaper is linked here.

And the rug is here!

wallpapered foyer / onedelightfulcreative.com

I’m glad I took this little risk and wallpapered the front foyer….now to decide on the bannister. :)

The pink bathroom update

Would I have liked to save the pink bathroom? Yes. I love the idea of the save the pink bathroom movement.

BUT, when you have missing tiles exposing subfloor and a moldy pink toilet that doesn’t always flush, I am much less pro-the pink bathroom movement.

So this is our before….


I knew I wanted gold hardware as much as possible and decided to do black as a second accent.

I initially ordered these beautiful mirrors from Target - but it felt like too much gold.

Pink Bathroom remodel. Find sources at onedelightfulcreative.com / www.instagram.com/onedelightfulhome


vanity / wayfair

tile / wayfair

faucets / amazon!

shower curtain / target

faux eucalyptus / amazon

lights / amazon

mirrors / amazon

blinds / similar


Laundry room refresh

I knew this little laundry room had so much potential and with it being a small space we could take a risk without spending too much money.

Here is the room before…

Before laundry room

Before laundry room

I love Grace in Magnolia’s laundry room & used it for inspiration. I didn’t choose the same paper - mostly because Target’s is easily accessible & returnable & affordable.

Laundry Room after / one delightful creative

What I learned from wallpapering this small space:

  • You’ll need more than you expect (we went back to target twice!)

  • This particulate pattern is very forgiving. My mom and I obsessed over lining it up just right and the pattern is so crazy it doesn’t seem to give away any flaws.

  • Target’s Devine wallpaper is very affordable as far as wallpaper goes - but you pay for it in frustrations with hanging the heavy duty contact paper substance.


  • wallpaper

  • Shelves are a polyurethane/stain combo in black.

  • Brackets (Home Depot)

Master Bedroom update

The renovation of our home has been so consuming - I don’t want to forgot to document what is going on. I am sharing some on our instagram page, but I’m going to try to document things here too.

Here is the Master bedroom when we first saw it in February 2019 & then in June when we removed the wallpaper.


Looking back at the contrast trim, I kind of have some small regrets - should we have kept the contrast trim in the house? I guess we can always go back, but for now I need to not be in painting clothes everyday.

Master Bedroom / onedelightfulcreative.com


wall color: Benjamin Moore White eggshell (this is their base color)

trim color: BM White in semi-gloss

Rug: Flea Market FTW

Chair: Target

Mattress: Zinus

Bed Frame: Wayfair

Lamps: Amazon

Sheets: Target

Duvet: Brooklinen

Drapes: IKEA

Blinds: Amazon

Curtain Rods: Amazon

Let me know if I missed anything you are curious about!

Our bigger purchases

…the duvet cover from Brooklinen - we have loved & there info says they get softer with time.

The bed frame from Wayfair that I spent way too much time debating over…we have been happy with it.

And the Zinus mattress has also been good - I know mattresses are such a personal preference, but they have a free trial if you don’t like it.


I am so overwhelmed with our house project, but I also know we have made it a long way in this short summer. Much of our time has been removing wallpaper & then scrubbing the walls & then painting. Just to get the house to a baseline has been a long road.

Here is the master bedroom originally.

When we first walked through the house in Feb 2019…


Then we (meaning my wonderful family members) removed the wallpaper. We bought an industrial wallpaper steam remover from a local rental place that had a used one on sale. This was a huge help.

Followed by scrubbing the walls - someone recommended this sponge + dawn soap to get the remaining glue off of the walls.

The house has contrast trim - which is popular right now. I also am in major decision overload so I decided to go more traditional - the trim in Benjamin Moore (base white in semi gloss) and then the walls we did Benjamin Moore in white eggshell.

Next, Philip, my husband refinished the hardwood floors. This is not his first rodeo fortunately - I think this is the 3rd time he has done floors and every time he has learned a little bit.


I’m thinking we will leave the room pretty neutral looking - here is some of what I have in mind. (Affiliate links)

Simple Master Bedroom Moodboard / onedelightfulcreative.com

Spring finds!


includes affiliate links where i will receive a small commission on purchases (no extra charge to you, of course!)

ok fine. It’s March 20th, but it’s freezing in New England.

If you have the spring bug, I have some fun TRANSITIONAL pieces for you. I put that in caps because - realistically it is March. It is 40 degrees and we all know in MA we will not be wearing real spring clothes for two more months.

Most of these are H&M, target, old navy - I’m a budget friendly kind of shopper!