10 things that helped us set up our AirBnB


This fall we decided to airbnb our home. We had considered doing this in the past - but I was too nervous about all the things that could go wrong.

Because of some job changes this fall, we needed to supplement our income and living in an area that is a destination in the fall - we felt like it was a good opporunity to give it a try.

If you want to learn more about our experience - we shared about it in our podcast this week.

If you are thinking about trying this - it really helped us financially & was an overall positive experience.

Magic Light Trick

I got this idea from the lovely Brooke of Nesting with Grace.

The basics! No electricity is needed for this sconce.

The caveat - not a TON of light - but adds a little light & a nice aesthetic.


This is what you’ll need:

  • Drill to Hang the light

  • Puck Lights like these ( & batteries)

  • A light like this (this is the one pictured - and an awesome value! (similar in white) You’ll want to make sure you cannot see the light bulb because you are going to be using a puck light instead.

Beyond that - instead of the light bulb - you will attach the puck light with a 3m strip - usually included like this.


You will not need any of the electrical wires - you’ll just tuck these in and attach the light as you would hang a picture frame since no electricity is required.

Let me know if you have questions!

Thank you Grace for the awesome idea!

The Painted Piano


We (errr…I) finally decided to paint my hand-me-down family piano. I am so grateful for the gift of our family piano - but I always wished it fit my aesthetic is a little more.

There are lots of reasons not to paint a piano. It may distort the tuning is the main one I know of. We have not followed most piano rules - we keep our piano on an exterior wall & haven’t had it tuned in years. Because we are not planning on becoming pianists and with my mom’s blessing - I decided to go to it.


Chalk paint supposedly requires very little sanding. So I decided to just give it a good wipe down & go for it. I did not use a special brush. I found Chalkpaint at Home Depot because I really wanted to move forward quickly on my process. I also did not seal it because I want to possibly paint it another color in the future.

Products Used

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